About Us

The Keystone Difference

Keystone Treatment provides full and half day outpatient options for the treatment of eating and co-occurring disorders in adults. With all of the different treatment options available to someone in need, our priority is assisting our clients in navigating the often overwhelming task of finding the best program to fit their unique circumstance.

What We Do

After years of working in the mental health field, we aim to create a truly unique experience for all of our clients.

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Our innovative approach to treatment is designed to address the underlying issues that might contribute to our clients challenges.

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Levels of Care

Keystone Treatment offers day treatment, intensive outpatient, outpatient, and family therapy for the treatment of eating and co-occurring disorders.

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What We Do

We have taken what has worked in the treatment model, and added valuable and innovative elements to create something that will truly help clients heal.

Taking the first step towards wellness is often a scary one. We are here for you every step of the way. Our intake coordinators are available 24/7, to answer any questions you might have.

While this is a scary time, it is also going to be one of amazing growth and empowerment. We are honored that we are able to witness our clients learn to embrace all of the parts of themselves that might have gotten lost along the way.

Our emphasis on intuitive eating makes us stand out among the rest of the programs out there. While most treatment programs follow an exchange or measurement system around food, we don’t think a treatment program should replace your rules with their own.

In our work together, we learn to trust each other, and ultimately, you learn to trust yourself. Intuitive eating is an approach that teaches you how to create a healthy relationship with your food, mind, and body. It takes all of the rules you have around food, acknowledges why they are there, and begins the tasks of replacing those rules with healthier ones that work in your daily life.

The goal is peace around food and trust in yourself. This can be achieved, we are here to help.

Our Philosophy

The nature of eating disorders, mental health issues, and substance abuse is very complex.

Our individualized program treats the symptoms and the underlying causes simultaneously. Our skills based treatment aims to replace the harmful coping skills with healthy ones, while also empowering our clients to take back control of their lives. Our multidisciplinary team is comprised of licensed therapists trained in evidence based practices, psychiatrists who specialize in eating disorders and addiction, and dieticians trained in intuitive eating. Our providers work closely with one another to ensure that both physical and emotional healing is attained.

Our fees include a minimum of one weekly individual therapy session and dietary consultation, as well as a psychiatric evaluation and follow up appointments with the psychiatrist as needed. Our program aims to replicate your daily life, so you will need to bring groceries in weekly so that you can prepare meals on site with our staff. One restaurant outing is included weekly. Depending on what program you enter into, you could have anywhere from ten to forty-one hours of intensive therapy each week. We aim to provide affordable and accessible treatment options for clients with varying financial capabilities. We can bill most PPO insurance plans with Out of Network coverage. Our insurance verification staff will confirm your coverage after our initial call and let you know what the out of pocket costs will be. Upon admission, we will set up a financial contract and handle all claim submissions to your insurance company. We also offer incredibly competitive cash rates for individuals without insurance.